About Us

About Us

A registered charity encouraging financial products that help you to manage your money.

35 Products

and counting have a Fairbanking Mark

19 Million+

UK customers are using a product with a Fairbanking Mark

Fairbanking certification - started in 2010 to grade financial products. The more helpful features, the higher the star rating - 3, 4, or 5 stars.

Assessment process - very tough which means only the best products get a Fairbanking Mark.

Customer testing with people like you - to make sure the products do what the institutions say they do.

Fairbanking also monitors complaints, prices and contract terms for these products to ensure they remain fair. The Fairbanking Foundation is not a price comparison site. These are loan products with lower rates available. 

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Registered Offices:
The Fairbanking Foundation
20-22 Wenlock Road,
N1 7GU

Email: info@fairbanking.org.uk
Phone: 0207 617 7957


We are a United Kingdom registered Charity.
No. 1125769; and United Kingdom registered Company, No. 6625040

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